Holistic Care For Pets Community

This community is for questions and support regarding holistic care for your pets.
My 12-1/2 year old lab-mix had a couple back to back bouts of infected anal glands a few months back. Recently, I've noticed small amoun...
My chihuahua was recently placed on Phenobarbitol. I am a Registered Nurse and have seen the S/E in human patients, however, seeing these...
My parents dog was born with hip deformities. She has now gotten to the point where she needs surgery. As her symptoms of dysplasia worse...
Does anyone have experience with Laser Therapy for your dog's hip dysplacia? Or any other successful treatment? Thanks.
my dog is 13 years old diagnosed with sever kidney disease i am looking into azodyl and Epakitin Powder, not willing to give up on her, a...
My cat is going to be 12 years old. He had his first bout of kidney issues in June of 2014. I immediately changed his diet to raw beef ...
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