Holistic Care For Pets Community

This community is for questions and support regarding holistic care for your pets.
Hey guys, looking for some advice..several wks ago my boyfriend found a small, airsoft BB sized lump on our shihtzu, under one of her nip...
Has anyone used essential oils to successfully shrink a tumor in a cat? It is pressing against his brain and is inoperable.
A friend of mine is fostering a young male dog that has malignant melanoma on his snout. His vital organs show no signs of cancer,but doe...
My cat Jimi has severe allergies. We think the dust is causing it as we live on the desert side of Maui, Hawaii. The vet doesn't know act...
My dog is a flea magnet! Only 1 of my dogs gets fleas I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. The one who gets fleas is infested and they all sleep n...
6 months ago my18 year old standard yorkshire terrier was diagnosed by the vet to have Bronchitis (Pneumonia) and pancreatitis For these...
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