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I was braiding another horses tail outside of a stall so i put my bag of rubber bands(which had treats in it for some reason) in the stal...
my horse has water like stools and she is not gaining weight
Hi, my horse has dropped significant weight over a short period of time, he has lost so much condition and muscle. He used to be a very f...
This seminar will help you know what is needed by your new horse.... http://www.thehorse.com/ask-the-vet/37558/caring-for-your-new-hor...
Have another question. My daughter acquired two mini horses. Actually, they are just under the size of Ponies. Long story short, it is ...
Hi there I have a 10 year old Standarbred Gelding who is a bit on the thin side. Hes gained some weight since i got him in May but no...
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