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'm 30 years old male, heterosexual. today I did a very bad thing that I will regret my whole life. I went to a message center where a ...
Hey! I have the past month and a half been using Aldara. Based on my doctors advice, I have opened a sachet, used a little creme, and ...
I found a post online of somebody with these bumps around his penis. He claims he and his wife have been faithful for 4 years and suggest...
Hello, I'm a 19 year old girl who contracted genital warts HPV (great opening line, huh?) Warts appeared mid-January and I got treated f...
I am a 34 y/o male. About three months ago, I noticed something on my uvula. I went to the ENT to have it looked at. The ENT removed it a...
Can a person be hpv infected if they used a towel that had been used the previous day by someone with an hpv infection/wart? My daughter...
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