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As of the new year I noticed the occurrence of some very small, slightly raised, greyish spots on my penis and scrotum. They do not itch ...
I was recently diagnosed with HPV and Chlamydia. Now I'm not one to take things at face value so I asked as many questions as I could thi...
Hi, I'm a male who has been suffering with genital warts outbreaks for over 6-7 years... I have done a ton of research on the subje...
I just got diagnosed with HPV 53 which I read online is low risk but everything that has come back thus far from pathology has been high ...
I'm a 24 year old gay male. I have had multiple sex partners in the past. I also live down south where it's been really hot and muggy and...
24 year old female here just hoping for some answers !! .. well 4 weeks ago or so i went into the dr (because of a bump) .. sure enough i...
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