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Hi, if someone has anal warts or warts in the anus, can it spread to family members if everyone is using the same toilet seat? If it can,...
I recently been diagnosed Genital warts. My gum clinic provided me with a cream which has helped allot. I am having issues with my mou...
Around the time I started being sexual with my ex I got a very constantly itchy throat and ears and vaginal infection. The Worst infectio...
Hello everyone I need anyone who is informed help. I am a male 25 years old and have had many sexual partners. About 40. I have recently ...
Hey all, I'm relatively new here so I was wondering -- do doctors H. Hunter Handsfield and Edward Hook still answer these threads? I n...
I’m a 50 year old male who had no previous HPV diagnosis. I shave my pubic area regularly and often get “normal” folliculitis (bumps, som...
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