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Hypertension Community

Hola, me hice la semana pasada un ecocardio, y tengo una duda sobre una cosa que aparece en el informe, que es lo siguiente "Se detecta I...
I was on Losartan 50mg which was working fairly well then the nephrologist suggested I switch to Amlodipine 2.5 mg. which he says is bett...
Obviously they are intertwined. But how much can having a high stress life or anxiety impact our blood pressure? Thoughts?
Diagnosed yesterday with pulmonary hypertension. I had AFib corrected by ablation in 2018. They found ASD. Non sympathetic so nothing don...
My mother, aged 56, is experiencing issues with her blood pressure. In the morning, it was recorded at 170/100. Throughout the afternoon ...
Having random spikes into the 200s/90's-130 usually lasting few minutes or less and not triggered by anything that could think of. Someti...
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