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This is a patient support forum for discussions relating to hypertension and high blood pressure. Discussions include symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and support.
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Hey I'm 22 year old guy and having high blood pressure and heart rate problem from last 2 years (73 kg weight). I've done almost all the ...
I am a male, 21 year old. 140 lbs, 6ft. With a resting heart rate ranging from 90 to 108. Sometimes up to 120. I check it every hour. And...
Female,33. Suffer from chronic kidney disease stage 3. Medically atypical(meaning that I generally don't experience common symptoms for m...
Hello. I am new to the board. I am a 49 year old male with moderate/severe high blood pressure. My average for a 24 period is 150/100. I ...
I am a 55-year old single man. I have been primarily a vegetarian (rather "pescatarian", to be exact!). My BMI is: 23 and has never be...
been on doxasosin for a few months ,,but my dosage has slowly been increased and i am getting loose stools ...anybody been on this drug a...
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