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So I’m a 23 year old guy and I’ve had high blood pressure for at least a year now. I first found out about it when I went to get Covid te...
I've read about it but am wondering what others think. Is white coat syndrome a real thing? Does going to the doctor and having your bp...
I'm reading that one should not take ibuprofen when taking some blood pressure medications although my doctor didn't mention this to me. ...
As my doctor warned me I have blurred vision sometimes and tinnitus. I also have chronic anxiety which doesn’t help hypertension. I’m on ...
My doctor said that White coat syndrome may cause heart enlargement over time, especially if I get anxiety out if doc office too. But I'v...
I was bitten by a Recluse a year ago. I am still noticing changes in my hand, most apparent swelling and hardening of the side of the fi...
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