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This is a patient support forum for discussions relating to hypertension and high blood pressure. Discussions include symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and support.
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Lately I've had some insanely high blood pressures with diastolics as high as 208! I am a 30 year old female and developed hypertension a...
Hi, Im male 35 yrs. 6 feet. 180 pounds weight. Play a lot of outdoor sports ang generally very active. Last 5 years have been very str...
Hello I am 25 years old, last week I checked my blood pressure it was 160mm/hg. But I face alot of strange conditions of which am not su...
30 years old/female Hello everyone. - Out of no where 2017 began having critically low potassium, chest pain, panic attacks, weakne...
WBC 3.5, RBC 3.9, RDW 11.7, Platelet 134, MPV 13.9, Neutrophils 43.0, Lymphocytes 42.8, Monocytes 9.0, Eosinophils 4.3, Basophils 0.6, Ne...
I am hypertensive. Male age 75. 140-155 over 80-90. And I have bradycardia with pulse in 50s. I am taking doxazosin for the blood pressur...
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