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WBC 3.5, RBC 3.9, RDW 11.7, Platelet 134, MPV 13.9, Neutrophils 43.0, Lymphocytes 42.8, Monocytes 9.0, Eosinophils 4.3, Basophils 0.6, Ne...
I am hypertensive. Male age 75. 140-155 over 80-90. And I have bradycardia with pulse in 50s. I am taking doxazosin for the blood pressur...
Probably 10 months ago I finally was able to get my blood pressure under control after at least 15 years. I needed to take 3 different me...
I have been having this dizzy lightheaded feeling for months now. I feel like I am moments from fainting but I haven't fainted yet. I hav...
Amlodipine side effects. Do they include watery eyes?
hey guys thanks for the advice, but i do have one more question about high blood pressure, i bought some supplements called potassium pl...
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