Hypothyroid - Hashimoto’s Forum

This is a safe place where you can post your hypothyroid (under-active thyroid) related questions. A board certified medical expert will post answers to your questions usually within 3-7 business days. This forum will focus on holistic as well as traditional treatment options for hypothyroid disorders.
I was diagnosed with Hashis last October. Since then I have gone gluten free and grain free, Dairy and soy free. I take 3 grains of arm...
I was recently diagnosed with hashimotos with a TSH of 66 with TPO 101 and thyroglobulin 7.8. I was put on .75mcg of synthroid and After...
I've had hypothyroid for 10 years and I've been on synthroid since. About 13 years ago, I started getting symptoms weight gain, fatigue, ...
by paularose, 23 hours I had my appt May 23 & my Dr did increase my Synthroid again from 80 to 100mcg. We made a follow up appt for June...
I am new to this. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism since I was 19. I recently had a miscarriage in November from my hypothyroidi...
I've been on synthroid for about a year loss and have a lot of hair loss. My doc says that my thyroid levels are too high and that when I...
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