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This is a safe place where you can post your hypothyroid (under-active thyroid) related questions. A board certified medical expert will post answers to your questions usually within 3-7 business days. This forum will focus on holistic as well as traditional treatment options for hypothyroid disorders.
Was taken off eltroxin entirely and prescribed ptu 5 times dailey 250 .with no other thyroid treatment . When this treatment began I had ...
After irregular spotting my Dr ran blood tests and discovered my thyroid is not operating correctly. I am experiencing most of the hypo ...
I just received my lab results, TSH 7.43 Thyroglobulin antibodies 652 Thyroid Peroxidase >1000 Other than cold hands and fe...
Hi.I posted earlier too and got answered promptly. Thanks for that.I got retested for Tsh and Prolactin after 6 weeks on medicines Eltrox...
My mother (age: 55+ yrs) is a patient of Hypothyroidism. She had Goiter earlier, for which she had undergone surgery in Jan, 2000, due to...
I recently been having palpitations when laying down or sitting up, when I'm standing I'm just fine, I went to the dr's today my heart, b...
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