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I’ve thought it could be dysphoria, PMDD or a phobia or trauma response but I just can’t tell what it is I just know I need those organs ...
Hat total ovo-hysterectomy in 1990, and a cancerous tumor removed from my breast. Now at 74 the sweating and flashes are getting worse. H...
I am 2 years post hysterectomy robotic. Went back into the hospital 7 days after due to a pelvic abcsess. I was in the hospital for 7 day...
I have a large Ovarian Cyst 15cm which needs removing, I have been told to also remove both ovaries I am 60 and would prefer to only have...
I have had a full hysterectomy many years ago. I have suffered from vaginal dryness so lubrication is the norm. This is the first time in...
can you get pregnant after a partial hysterectomy and carry a baby full term
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