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I have dealt with large fibroids for the past 5 years. Generally my fibroids haven't caused pain or bleeding. But now I have worse blo...
I would like to hear from any lady who has suffered similar cathostrophic problems following abdominal hysterectomy. My story can be fou...
I am 42, I had grade 3 rectocele, and grade 2 cystocele repair 4 months ago. I have had sex probably 10 to 15 times since surgery, every...
hi , i had my partial abdominal hysterectomy March 2/09 and have been searching for info about swollen belly while my recovery is going...
I was told my anal sphincter is very tight and that is causing my anal pain. What can I do about it?
i am 5 years out of a total hyst. I also want to stop HRT. Is it a good idea? I still have hotflashes and noticeable weightgain the last ...
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