Ideas for economical living . Group

We are all in a tough time in America so it seems a good idea to share tips, ideas, for economical living, how do we afford new 'stuff' and where can we get good 'used stuff '..be interested in any ideas to cope .what may be a long haul.When the going gets tough the tough get going '
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Since I posted here prices have really sky rocketed in my neck of the woods in CA...its getting protein,meat., that has really made shopp...
Here are some ideas of what to do with lemon peels. The main article is about making lemon vinegar. Guess what? They use the cheapest ...
How are you all doing regarding storing food now and water , are you prepared for many shortages ?
If you haven't done so already its time now to get a store cupboard going, load up on the main food you will need , get cans, basic ingr...
check out this link ... its about economical living . kind of . it will affects us all http://americanpolicy.org/
I have just moved house, the area I lived in was expensive enough but I am thrifty and made out okay ..This last week at my new stores I ...
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