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If you describe your ailments as a nightmare- read this! Group

This is for anyone who is suffering from any of these symptoms: knees that buckle so you fall, fainting, seizures, weakness so you cannot walk, vomiting, joint pain, UTIs, fallopian tube cysts in the uterine, blood clots, rashes, skin sensitivity, severe headaches, hair that falls out in clumps, brain fog, confusion, anxiety, medical tests that show no reasons for these symptoms, tingling in the extremities and or numbness, back pain and other debilitating symptoms. If you were healthy and have become debilitated in a short time with no real reason... These symptoms have been known to be caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis, which causes: Celiac's Disease, Vasculitis and perhaps other known diseases. The rheumatoid arthritis may have been caused by medicines, foods or vaccines- like Splenda ( or sucralose laced foods ) made by Johnson and Johnson, Gardasil a vaccine by Merck, Aspartame made by Monsanto or other unknown things ingested by the body that may have: chlorine Polysorbate 80 It may also have been caused by other triggers unknown presently. The REASON for this group is to analyze these symptoms: the diets of those who experience them the drugs they may be taking any previously injected vaccines.
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