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Just wondering if anyone has the experienced this with their child after immunizations. My 4 year old son had his IPV (first time), DTaP ...
He doctor did not document what she gave her correctly and her new doctor insisted she had not gotten the shots and gave them to her.
I wasn't made aware of a side affect like this, my left arm feels dead and hurts to try and move it. My forearm is ok but the top of my ...
I'm currently taking a course in Healthcare and will have placements in hospitals and clinics. I've tested with positive surface antibody...
Pain/weakness in upper back over a week after tetanus booster. Had Tdap 5 years prior for whooping cough due to having my first kid. No...
So my girlfriend had a rash in february 2, 2017. She went to the ER on the same day. It's been more than a week and here is a picture (ht...
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