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Hi experts, A few weeks back I post a query where I found a sick bat at my home, and the advise was to get the PEP rabies vaccine. As ...
Hi experts, I am not quite sure on whether is this the right forum to ask this, but any replies will be truly appreciated. I live i...
ten year old had first flu vaccine and 7 weeks later he was diagonsed with Oscillopsia. After ruling out other causes of Oscillopsia the ...
Hello, I want to ask a question about rabies. Last night I met two beautiful puppies (both were stray ) in front of my apartment. And jus...
My 2 year old Son has had two dtaps. One at 12 months and the other at 18 months. I pulled out two small splinters in his foot today and ...
My 18 month old son received his mmr. Ten days later he developed a very high fever and lethargy which lasted 3 straight days. He was ver...
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