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I am a 28- year old healthcare worker. I already completed the recommended doses of MMR when I was a baby, according to my mother, but I ...
Hi, Last wednesday, late at night, I stabbed my finger deep with a sharp and dirty object from the garden. Thursday evening, less than...
Bug bites or chicken pox? I'm immunodeficient to chicken pox. I'm the one in a million to catch it in utero. For some reason this cau...
Hi, i have taken measles vaccine ( age 20-35) twice within one week.is it harmful or any issue in health?
I am 16 years old,7 days ago i stepped on a nail in a forest and now i have some tetanus symptoms like twitching calf muscel in the leg w...
Just wondering if anyone has the experienced this with their child after immunizations. My 4 year old son had his IPV (first time), DTaP ...
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