Incontinentia Pigmenti Community

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My newborn baby girl has been diagnosed with IP. She appears to have the worst type of IP - the extremely rare form of IP which causes CN...
My daughter is 13yo with IP. I am wondering how long we should be watchful of eye problems developing due to IP. She has gotten yearly ey...
Hi there my daughter who is 4 was diagnosed with IP @ birth! I live in in Winnipeg, Manitoba and just wondering if anyone else in Manitob...
Anyone here had multi miscarrages related to IP or at least feel that they are IP related? Im pregnant with twins but Ive had fetal demis...
My daughter stopped menstrating, for about 4 years now. Found that she is hypothyroid. Doctors we have seen do not know anything about IP...
twice now i heard of babies with ip getting mri why is this? what are they looking for and do all kids with ip have to get them done? an...
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