Incontinentia Pigmenti Community

This patient support community is for discussions relating to incontinentia pigmenti, genetics, and breast, dental, eye, hair, nail, nervous system and skin problems.
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twice now i heard of babies with ip getting mri why is this? what are they looking for and do all kids with ip have to get them done? an...
We have 3 generations of IP.. my mom has it, I have it and 1 of my daughters have it.. Anyone else out there that have generations with i...
Is there anything you can do in the middle of a seizure if you know that is what they are having.
The dermatologist that dx my daughter with IP has never seen it before and she is trying to refer us to another Ped. Dermatologist but he...
My nerves are about shot after going to see several specialist and being told very little. My daughter( 18 months) has a MRI scheduled in...
I have IP and my husband and I are contemplating having a child, but we're worried about the potential medical issues that may arise. Do...
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