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I cut myself and punctured deeply the tip of my finger when cutting and slicing raw bloody steak. I quick ran the finger under hot water...
I had a dog bite. I took my first dose of rabies vaccine today. If i cough or sneeze will the droplets be contagious to others nearby...
I work in a business setting. Paperwork, and paperwork and paperwork. A gentleman I work with claims he takes blood pressure medication t...
hi yesterday , while walking on road group of dogs are fighting and suddenly dogs started running, I don't think dogs touched me after t...
My dad's phone was picked up by a stray dog with using it's mouth. this scenario happened 3 months ago, if i touch that phone and then ...
Hello , in midnight I was walking in the street, I stepped on a tree branch and it poked me in my feet, and then I noticed many cats hov...
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