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Hi, I was on a trip to Cuba and the agency guide I hired sold me some cigars. Arriving back in my country, I did some research and concl...
My father dropped his phone and a dog picked it up. We used a stone to drive the dog away and dropped the phone. My father disinfected th...
I was clean goat meat at home. I was removing fat attached to the bone. Probably got hurt from one of the sharp ends, did not see at that...
I NEED A SOLUTION . I will list my symptoms. what action I have taken . and my stats Symptoms - crawling sensation - itching - ...
So today was my last dose of rabies vaccine and I ate an ice cream after getting the jab. Is it possible that any chemical (stabilisers o...
So I've had what I thought was balanitis on and off on my penis for years. But no fungal cream ever worked. The only cream that worked wa...
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