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around April 2016, i got scratched by a dog outside of an overnight rental. it was a friendly dog and wanted to play. the owner was there...
Hi I have recently diagnosed with Klebsiella pneumoniae in vaginal infection. I had a vaginal delivery 10 months back with a very bad tea...
hello, I currently live in a country where neurocysticercosis is endemic. I would like to know if there is any blood test that detects i...
Extreme physical fatigue, weakness, white tongue coating, darkened skin, swollen lymph nodes. It has spread widely in China for nearly 2...
I have severe health ocd. Three weeks ago I was getting a canopy out of a storage bin that was on my deck all winter. It was super dusty....
So I live in Jamaica we never had a case of rabies or to my knowledge have rabies but my dog scratch’s and bites a lot he’s 2 yrs old . ...
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