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Hi. A few weeks ago (around 2 or 3 weeks ago) I fell down and my hand got a little red. I am not sure if my hand is scratched or not. ...
Hi, I'll try and keep this as short as possible. But basically looking for some other opinions here. Over the past 3 weeks I've experienc...
I bought goat meat, however I am not it was goat meat or dog meat, these are small butchers in India. He cut the meat pieces with his bar...
I woke up to something crawling on my chest. Behold, it was a roach. I swatted it away and killed it. But now I don't know if it crawled ...
I am a college student in China.On October 24th, I dissected a frog in the laboratory (not sure whether it was a bullfrog or a frog). At...
A few days ago while I was walking on a street, a stray dog passed by my side and I think it licked my shopping bag and then 3-4 mins lat...
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