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I was in the water of the Tenn. River system on Thursday.this is Monday and I have pus and clear liquid under skin. It feels like it is o...
21 year old Female Bi-lateral deafness, Cochlear implant on left side, right side placement failed due to infection We live in Utah O...
All, long story short I had a sore throat covered in pus for three weeks. Completely covered. Attempts to cure with antibiotics didn't wo...
Hi everyone, About a month back, I was experiencing formation of lumps on my calves. My physician, in addition to ordering a Venuous D...
Really need some help with this one...and no, I'm not crazy or on any kind of hallucinatory drug - no morgellons disease for an answer ei...
Hi all, I just need advice and help on what to do next - I'm at my wit's end with things. So, I had a brief vaginal exposure back i...
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