Infidelity Group

For those who have been a victim of an affair and are trying to get their life back on track. This group can discuss the feelings and emotions behind it and also support those who are trying to recovery from it.
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Hi, I've been married for 10 years. Recently, after my husband and I suffered our first m/c, he began to change drastically. Well afte...
I said once before that No One Is Wrong Here - That We Are All Right - I Sincerely Believe That!! We are Each of Us Entitled to Feel ...
You Like Dark Enter My Mind, Great Sadness Strong To Survive. True Love No More, Just Distrust And Disgust Now Stand At My ...
Hi everyone I am from the dog forums but was wandering around and dropped in on this forum.The deep raw pain brought back so many dark me...
Well, here we are again. I do not know what to think. Is it the same thing, No. But it is still wrong because he knew how it would make m...
and they remain a LONG way from expressing what We try to say to One Another. Example: the word "forgive" means Different things to E...
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