Infidelity Group

For those who have been a victim of an affair and are trying to get their life back on track. This group can discuss the feelings and emotions behind it and also support those who are trying to recovery from it.
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What do you think about contacting the person your significant other cheated on you with. I did contact her when I first found out, It wa...
This is more like a statement. It has been a year today since I found out about my husbands indiscretion,. It seems just like yesterday i...
for you, do you think you could ever fully trust him? I wonder sometimes if hes being unfaithful. He questions me about who im going to...
Hey girls - I'm having a bad day, and could use a friend. My letter of forgiveness to the other woman brought me a long way in getting h...
I did not mean that We should not be mad at the other woman. I meant that HE is the one who had THE COMMITMENT TO US!! HE betrayed that!!...
Mami - It makes PERFECT sense to me why You (& others) forgive him but not her. It's imperative that You forgive him if You choose to sta...
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