Insomniacs Unite Group

This is a group for anyone who struggles with insomnia, whether it be a once in a great while thing, or a near daily occurrence; whether it be because of chronic pain or illness, or if it's an inability to "turn off your brain" at night. Hopefully we can all share thoughts, ideas, helpful tips, etc., that may help a fellow insomniac get a few blissful hours of shut-eye.
Well I came and saw one little post here so I thought I would add something to make our page look better Drifter. Haha With me I go to be...
Where are all my night owl friends? I've tried Melatonin, Lavender Essential Oil, OTC sleep meds, you name it! I hate to go back on Amb...
Is it possible that a disruptive childhood have any affect on our sleeping patterns as adults,I know that I would not go to sleep until ...
Just wanted to stop by and join up! I am weaning off my Ambien after many, many years so I will need some suggestions and support. I ca...
Where oh where is the "Join this group" thingy? I have looked everywhere? Please help me out someone kind? Thanks OOOO Sign me "Night Owl"
Ugh can't sleep but I am detoxing so I know why. This is when anxiety sets in when I go so long without sleep. So tired but just zombied...
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