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Friends........They love you. But they're not your lover They care for you, But they're not from your family They're...
When the egg breaks by an external power, a life ends When the egg breaks by an internal power, a life begins Great changes al...
½ A Second before Tsunami This picture was taken on the banks of Sumatra Island (the height of waves was of approx. 32 m = 105 ft)....
Dear Friends I told GOD: Let all my friends be healthy and happy forever…! GOD said: OK, But for 4 days only….! I sa...
The U turn “Mommy, look at his big head!” Nothing was held sacred, not even the head of a chief judge on a Sunday morning. The judg...
In 1934, a bronze statue of a dog called Hachiko was erected at the Shibuya Train station in Tokyo, Japan. The story of this dog is men...
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