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Interstitial Cystitis Community

I am desperate. Beginning seven weeks ago I have frequent urination (every hour, even during the night), pressure, the feeling of not bei...
On celexa, tried oxybutinin and myrbetriq. Gave me anxiety. Is enablex a good choice? Side effect of celexa was frequent urination. Enebl...
From last month I am facing a problem of feeling always to pee. Even after just return from washroom and within a minute again feeling to...
Everything flares my IC. The only antibiotic I can take that doesn't feel like battery acid is Keflex. Every NSAID I have tried feels lik...
Started 2 years ago when I wiped the wrong way and got some fecal matter in my private area. 1-2 days later I had sharp shooting, throbbi...
Happy anniversary to Barb135, your Community Leader! Please take a moment to reach out to her, and give a shout out for how much you app...
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