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Questions in the Interventional Cardiology forum are answered by medical professionals affiliated with the Truman Medical Center. Topics covered include acute coronary syndrome, angina , atrial fibrillation , cardiac catheterization , cardiomyopathy , drug abuse & cardiac disease, echocardiography , heart failure , hypertension & heart disease , lipid management , minorities and heart disease, peripheral vascular disease prevention, valvular heart disease , women’s heart health, and the warning signs of a heart attack.
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Ok so my grandfather suffered from aortic aneurysm on September 10th which almost took his life, luckily it didn't. We've had a family hi...
If an A-Fibber has obstructive blockages would stenting the blockages make an ablation unnecessary? In other words, would the irregularit...
What does thickening around the heart mean? I"m a little worried about this. My ekg and my echo was good but my stress test was a littl...
I have PAC's. Normal EKG and normal echo stress. Normal Holter as well. Is it possible for the premature beats to cause me to cough? The ...
I failed a stress test induced by a drug due to weakness of legs. Why would the doctor want to repeat this test? My blood pressure goes...
Is it typical to have intermittent chest pain for the last two weeks since having my proximal LAD stented (coated stent)? I have resorted...
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