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Questions in the Interventional Cardiology forum are answered by medical professionals affiliated with the Truman Medical Center. Topics covered include acute coronary syndrome, angina , atrial fibrillation , cardiac catheterization , cardiomyopathy , drug abuse & cardiac disease, echocardiography , heart failure , hypertension & heart disease , lipid management , minorities and heart disease, peripheral vascular disease prevention, valvular heart disease , women’s heart health, and the warning signs of a heart attack.
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hello,I am a 22 yr old female and have innappropriate sinus tachycardia. I have had four ablations since being diagnosed. After the last ...
i have had chest pain for 2yrs and my 2 cardiologist can't explain it what could it be. it's their 24/7 and dosen't go away. my medicatio...
I am a 35 year old woman who has a history of early emphysema (I"m a non-smoker) and whose father died suddenly at age 45 of a heart atta...
hello , i am interested to know what the general statistic is for people who have uner gone coarctation repair in early child hood. As ...
Hi I am 24 and I've been having problems with a really fast heart rate. I had an allergic reaction and had to be hit with 3 epipins. Ever...
If I get get catheterization is it necessary that I also get a stent? Or can they just use a balloon catheter? I got a call from my c...
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