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Questions in the Interventional Cardiology forum are answered by medical professionals affiliated with the Truman Medical Center. Topics covered include acute coronary syndrome, angina , atrial fibrillation , cardiac catheterization , cardiomyopathy , drug abuse & cardiac disease, echocardiography , heart failure , hypertension & heart disease , lipid management , minorities and heart disease, peripheral vascular disease prevention, valvular heart disease , women’s heart health, and the warning signs of a heart attack.
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When I take the generic for Norvasc, my feet swell; this does not happen when I do not take the medication. Will natural diaretics help ...
Hello, I am Diabetic and when I sit for long periods of time, my legs and feet swell terribly. It's the only time I seem to experience b...
I don't know exactly what is going on with me. I am a 35 year old woman and there have been a few times i have had neck pain that goes up...
Hi MY BACKRGROUND (AGE 56, HEIGHT 168 CM, 88 KILOS. 2002 Angioplasty for 70 percent blockage using catheritization (arm, Dr. Saito in J...
In January of 2006 I had a fluttery feeling in my chest and thought it prudent to contact a Cardiologist. I have been diagnosed with a r...
I am a 38yr old female who was diagnosed with pericarditis, interior atrial septal anurysm, and now anomalous RCA. Are they all connected...
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