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How many of you have been told you are anemic OR iron deficient? Did you know that you can be anemic AND iron load at the same time? Did you know that elevated iron is or can be the number one culprit in major disease like liver cirrhosis, diabetes, heart failure, neuropathy, arthritis, cancers, and can be the at the root cause of IBS, MS, fibromyalgia, intestinal and digestion disorders, Alzheimers, Parkinson's, hypothyroidism, infertility and impotence...? The list is endless, and yet iron overload from genetic mutation passed on by your parents and runs in families is the most common genetic disorder and is also the most rarely diagnosed, until someone is in end stage organ damage or failure. Please join this group and share your stories of undiagnosed illness, strange symptoms, dr. tells you tests are "normal", prescribes anti-depressants and/or pain killers instead of geting to root cause of symptoms. This discovery can save your life or someone you know and love.
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Have you, someone you know, or a close family member, parent, grandparent or sibling ever have had or currently suffer with any of the fo...
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Excessive or misplaced tissue iron now is recognized to pose a substantial health risk for an extensive array of endocrinological, gastro...
This is a common finding among medical community when the CBC's come back and your hemoglobin and/or hematocrit are low, and RBC can come...
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