July 2011 Babies Group

Hello, I think it's time to start a group for July 2011 Babies!! Please come and share your stories - Let's go through this exciting journey together :) I'm due on July 7 and it's my first pregnancy - good luck everyone. Tessa
Lets play a game, We can all write out due dates and then we can try and predict when our little ones will arrive... IM due JUL...
Hello Ladies, How are you all doing? I will be 30 weeks in two days!! Am so excited to reach this point and have everything going smoo...
I posted this in the other forum as well, but we are not all in both so I figured I would post it here too It is so quiet on here! Jus...
Just wondering where you're feeling movements... I was told my baby is transverse position. She's laying across my belly. Her butt is ...
Now it's March, doesn't July seem that bit closer - just 4 months away :) my tummy is growing so much - I woke up this morning and felt...
who you are, age?, # child, due date, boy/girl/surprise Shannon, 37, this will be our 2nd, 7/27/2011 (my calculations), we will probab...
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