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This patient support community is for discussions relating to kidney disease and disorders, dialysis, self care, and transplants.
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I will take a pill antiviral for hep b everyday for yaears next. Anyone know what time should be taken in order to keep best our kidney? ...
Walked five miles before blood test creatnie # went from 1.24 last reading to1.61 this last reading ( gfr of 44. My microalbvmin level we...
Is that too small for kidneys? All my blood levels are within normal limits.
My mother creatinine level had increased exponentially in months but on 27 April this year she has normal-sized kidney in ultrasound but ...
First off, I have a long history of kidney stones. During the process of passing a kidney stone, I ALWAYS experience a few hours of inten...
Last year in April, I was in a psychotic state and thought it would be cheaper and more effective to drink windshield washer fluid that c...
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