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This patient support community is for discussions relating to kidney disease and disorders, dialysis, self care, and transplants.
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My dad has ckd from past 2 years his creatnine fluctuate between 3-4-5 and is on several medications including diabetes. He occasionally...
Hello all I am a 26 year old male on treatment for a Carcinoid Tumor. I was in the ER with blood in urine and vomitting on Friday. They d...
hi my sister (50 years) has anechoic cyst 48x59 mm at lower pole of Right Kidney in ultrasound result. I wanna know it is required to m...
In the ultrasound test during the preventive health checkup, it was mentioned in the report that large iso echoic area in mid pole causin...
I would like to know the meaning please.
I would like to ask about my small cortical cyst on my left kidney measuring 0.7cm. Is this something to worry about? What treatment can ...
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