Kidney Disease & Disorders Community

Hi everyone, A few months ago I was diagnosed with having a 9mm stone inside my right kidney. Since then, I've had bouts of pain in my...
is the diet or food we eat gets changed when its kidney get damage or any kidney related disease?
I have recently over the past 2 years experienced an increase in a very strong musky body odor. It happens even after I take a shower or ...
I have been experiencing severe pain in my abdomen and right kidney (I lost my left at 17). I've had a severe kidney infection off and on...
31 age , Male , non smoker hi , I went to the clinic because of pain in the testicles and lower abdomen + back pain. I saw my results...
Hi l have a home urine strip test kit, in the morning l get a negative for protein result but in the afternoon l get trace level protein...
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