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my bun is 63 and my creatine is 8.02 and im 60 yrs. old. Whatis my kidney function,
I have been hospitalized 3 times with rhabdo with a CPK of 7715. Now the 3rd time I had a bad vaccine reaction and shooting muscle pain ...
Hi, I’ve been having a dull ache in my right kidney, constant for 3 weeks, and some bladder pain on and off. All urine cultures are nega...
3 year baby is having a Grade 1 RPD disorder (large amount of protein is leaking through urine ) which she undergone treatment about 1 an...
I have MS and COPD, HBP was put on meds for the HBP in 2016 it was never really out there high, and am on Losartan 50mg and HTC 12.5mg an...
I have a had a kidney cyst since 2009. It has been growing since and is now very large, 16cm. I have been told that it is ok unless causi...
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