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I had 4 hours of agony with a kidney stone passing through on my left side. The pain stopped when it reached the area of the bladder. ...
I’m a 41 y/o male. Yesterday I was rushed to the ER with severe back pain. I was diagnosed with a 2mm kidney stone. They did lab work and...
I am 23 years old and I am suffering with kidney stone problem from last 6 months. I tried several medications and treatments but nothing...
Hi - A recent CT scan told me that I have a 6mm stone near the junction of my Ureter and Bladder (UVJ). I had experience moderate to sev...
There's controversy in the news whether or not added Vit C can help build your immune system against Coronavirus. There's also concern t...
So I have a 7mm kidney stone that made it about 80% down the ureter before I went to the doctor. The CT scan showed the stone right outsi...
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