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Questions in the Learning Disability Forum are being answered by medical professionals. Topics include: Assessment and Diagnosis, Behavioral Issues, Emotional Development, Family Issues, Language-Speech Issues, Living With Learning Disabilities, Parenting, School Issues, Social Development
Hello, my grandson will be 3 on Oct 4th and is still talking gibberish where no one can understand him. He has been known to sound out th...
I am suffering from this memoryMemory loss Mental status tests problem, where i forget everything i read college. The things that i lear...
I am 28 year old man. In my schoolings, I was the number one student and studied well and achieved a lot.At the end of my schooling i sta...
My 9 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD last year (and CAPD) and learning disabilibites, however bright and alert he is in conversation...
My son was been diagnosed with ADD (not ADHD), High Functioning Autism, and a semantic pragmatic language processing disorder at the age ...
aaron showed a moderate to high amplitude record with a poster rhythm of 6-7 hz intermittently some 3.5 hz slowing is noted in the poster...
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