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I am 15 I have found numerous lymp nodes in my neck They are all small like a pea or bean and are movable and dont grow have had the one...
Petscan results-what’s usually the next step? Scan shows hypermetabolic mediastinal adenopathy with representative hypermetabolic late...
25 year old female has developed a range of very large bruises to some small bruises that on that appear mostly on the thighs but also so...
25 male, Used to post here a lot, 2 years ago I had 12 lymph nodes along the left side of my neck and jaw pop up after a bad infection...
A relative told our family she was just diagnosed with leukaemia and only has a month to live. She's been in a care facility for another ...
Scared out of my mind. Someone I know just got platelet count in the middle 130's and I'm terrified for them. Someone close to me betwee...
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