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I have thalassemia intermedia. I just had my blood taken and it all comes back as usual for my thalassemia. However, my immature granul...
Today marks the 3rd day on prednisone and I feel well, I randomly get “shocks of pain”on knees that last about 3-5 seconds, other than th...
Hello I am a 30 year old female who’s been having weird symptoms and am really scared. I want to start off by saying, that lm a woman who...
Hello. I’m 14 years old female. About 3 weeks ago i noticed that a lymph node under my neck is bigger than the one on other side. It is a...
I just felt a hard movable node 1.0 inch below my left jaw(near the joint) .It doesn't pain.7 days ago I developed swollen gum on the lef...
I have 2 on the right side that are 1.0-1.1cm per Ct scan of neck. Said possibly reactive, no necrosis or abnormal enhancement. I Foun...
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