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I am a 39 yr old male and I've had mild fatigue over the last year but nothing substantial. I recently received bloodwork and was a littl...
Hey guys! I am a 28y.o. male with night sweats, weight loss, enlarged lymph nodes on R neck and R axilla. Blood results show low haemoglo...
I got some test results emailed to me and my neutrophil count is 2. Does that mean I have leukemia? I'm so scared right now. I go in t...
I have been experiencing generalised lymphadenopathy, fatigue, slightly swollen spleen and other symptoms but haven't been able to get to...
Hello I have a question in regards to chest x ray and Ct scan of chest? I been on and off from prednisone 20mg to 5 mg due to a condition...
Does monocyte % fluctuate day to day? My level was 10.8 on 5/9, and 12.3 as of yesterday 5/16…. Also, per google, anything over 8% is...
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