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Leukemia Forum

Questions in the Leukemia forum are being answered by medical professionals and experts. This forum is for questions and support regarding all Leukemia and Lymphoma issues such as ALL, AML, CLL, CML, SLL, anemia, biopsy, bone pain, chemotherapy, Hodgkins Lymphoma, monoclonal antibody therapy, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, stem cell transplant , swelling, vaccine therapy, weakness and weight loss.
Hello, and thank you in advance. 26 y/o male. I've had a headache and fatigue/cloudiness for around 2 weeks. It comes and goes, and occas...
Thank you for taking the time to review my question. My daughter just turned 17. Its been a rough winter health wise. She had pneumonia i...
I have had a problem with a surgical belly button healing. I had emergency surgery on 24th October 2011 done laproscopic with three wound...
I have been feeling all of these symptoms for about 4 months now and they have gradually gotten worse. Lightheadedness (constant), brain ...
Hi, My dad is 65 year old with diabetic history of 20 years. He is diagnosed with AML (Accute Myleoid Leukemia) M-7 (Accute Megakar...
Hello there. My friend has bruising all over her. She got her bone marrow tested and got a ton of blood test. She was hospitalized for th...
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