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Liver Function Test (LFT) Serum Bilirubin, (Total) Method: Colorimetric Diazo Dye 1.25 mg/dl 0.2 - 1.2 Serum Bilirubin, (Direct) Meth...
Fatty liver diagnosis
I have just been diagnosed with stage 1-2 of compensated cirrhosis. I was also told that there was nothing they could do to treat it a...
**please only experts answer my question** Hello, I'm 25 male with no chronic disease, last week i visited Internist because i had some ...
i was diagnosed with fatty liver disease 2 years ago. I recently had an ultrasound which found a 5.8 cm lesion in my liver. 2 weeks later...
Just basic blood work question here - I recently read about the AST/ALT ratio test and I wondered if the ratio even mattered if both the ...
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