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Liver Disorders Community

Good morning, everyone. 33M (no smoke, no drink, vegetarian mostly, no medication, no medical issues) I have just been diagnosed wi...
How fast do cyst grow on the liver? I was diagnosed with a cyst on my liver it was 5 mm and in 9 months it grew to 1 cm
Back in 2020 I had a very bad scare with std initially I thought it was hiv or hepatitis a,b and c for 2 years I did alot of testing I ev...
During my last blood work / ultrasound, doc said it was indicative for fatty liver / liver cirrhosis. I find this odd since I've had no ...
During annual health check, I got slightly elevated values for direct bilirubin. The LFT values are BILIRUBIN TOTAL - 1.27 mg/dL 0.3-1...
I have been having a lot of pain and tenderness in my lower left stomach. I am often nauseous. Twice in the last week I have suddenly s...
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