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i had blood work done for my hepatic functional panel.i got a result of 73 on alt which was down from 75 and a result of 48 on ast which ...
Godex ds can lower elevated bilirubin? My test result last time is 1.83 and the doctor told me to take godex ds 3x a day in 1week it is p...
My husband was just diagnosed with fatty liver. We were surprised because he is young and thin/athletic. The dr said that it’s not too ba...
Hello, I have been diagnosed with fatty liver since a couple of years now and only recently starting doing something really concrete ...
My grandfather has been diagnosed with acute liver failure very recently and doctors have said there’s nothing more they can do. Would it...
I am a 39 year old male who discovered during a recent physical that my total bilirubin is 2.4mg/d and my direct bili is 0.3mg/d. All ot...
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