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Liver Transplant Forum

Questions posted in the Liver Transplant . Forum are answered by medical professionals from The Mount Sinai Medical Center.
Hi, I had surgery in 2009 to remove a large hepatic adenoma from my liver. They had to remove a portion of my liver with the tumor. I hav...
Hello, it's day 7 in a hospital whilst on holiday in Cyprus and I am very worried about my latest blood results. Please tell me I am not ...
Hello First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful work you do on this forum! Health history I have had high cholestero...
Hi Doctor , I need your assist , please . Every thing started 2 years ago .Many symptoms including fatigue , loss of appetite ...for2 ...
Hi Dr. In addition to a CT, there was an ultrasound preformed because of elevated liver enzymes. Ultrasound showed "Liver: there is i...
Hello! What medicines are usually prescribed for NAFLD of grade 3? I've read on internet that there are no medicines or treatment avail...
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