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Hello Dr. I was trying to update on my prior thread from a few months ago, but the forum would not allow me (sorry) This is from CT in...
Dear Doctor, I am 55 and have end stage non alcoholic cirrhosis with hep c and with hepatic encephalopathy and every few months they are...
Hello, I am translating on behalf of my friend. I will do the best that I can to write this up in the most clear manner. Please excuse an...
Dear Dr., I need some advice. I am 46 female. I didn't drink alcohol and very concern about my health. On 9/23/2013, I did some blood ...
Hello my mother has been a patient of chronic hepatitis b right from her birth.She has also been a patient of anemia.For the last 1.5 yea...
Hello, My father had Liver transplant on 4th April.He is still in ICU due to constant increase in Bilirubin. Below is is today's report....
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