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Liver Transplant Forum

Questions posted in the Liver Transplant . Forum are answered by medical professionals from The Mount Sinai Medical Center.
Hello Dr. Blood pressure had been well controlled in the past with Norvasc 10mg 1x daily and Metroprolol 25mg 2x daily. However, most re...
To: everybody what is 3rd gen hep c? I have never used drugs of any kind other than for common cold of flu. I got sick with the flu a ...
Hello, my father post liver transplant has his surgery drainage removed even when he was still dispelling fluid from his stomach at a ran...
Hello, I was diagnosed with Epitheliod HemangoEndoThelioma in both my liver and possibly my lungs. The nodules in my lungs are too sm...
Namaste, My name is Russan Dhakal. This is my very first post here. My father was diagnosed of liver cirrhosis 9 years back ( I was at...
Hello! Non alcoholic fatty liver disease, grade 3 fatty infiltration of liver, is it life threatening??? Is it curable for a 24yr old ...
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