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Liver Transplant Forum

Questions posted in the Liver Transplant . Forum are answered by medical professionals from The Mount Sinai Medical Center.
had u ever had a patient taking prograf that had exstream thirst from it ?
I was trying to add to my other question...but it wouldn't let me, so I am very SORRY to start another thread... What are the chances ...
I was quite a heavy drinker in periods over the last 15-20 years up until the end of January this year. Sometimes it was 2-4 times per ...
My husband was Dx Jan 8th with a single 5 cm tumor. He has hep c and cirrhosis. He is going to be listed on two transplant lists in diffe...
Hello Dr. Schiano, I hope you are well. I have written you before regarding my CyberKnife HCC treatment as a patient of Norah Terrault...
Hello all---I need to write a compelling letter of need for a liver transplant to my insurance company....does anyone have sample letters??
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