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Dear Dr. Sachiano, Good day! My husband was 7 years post transplant, last year found out recurring hcv and the doctor Prescribed him...
Pivka II...I don't understand what type of blood test is this? What I am reading, has me confused. Is this a common test used in POST tra...
Hi: I am 4 months post-transplant and things have been going good for the most part. Recently there was a slight elevation in my ggt ast...
I have been infected with hepatitis b since my birth(inherited from my mother).Last year I carried out some tests,the results were Hbv-dn...
Just received a copy of CT with contrast. Hepatic morphology and masses: Status post liver transplant. There are several geographic, p...
A close friend of mine, her mom just had a liver transplant. I was wondering if there was an app to hep organize all the meds and inform...
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