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Hello I recently got married in Cuba and received a manicure at the resort I was staying at. They had a booth setup for tourists in which...
Dear Doctor, I've been suffering from liver failure disease for 15 years cause homeopathic med reaction. Now for 1year main symptoms una...
Hi, I had my liver transplant 5 years ago (02/09). Everything's great except for past few months I'm having a very unusual pain on the...
Dear Friends, I need help regarding insurance. My brother is gravely ill and really needs a transplant right away. I finally naviga...
Dear All My father had Hap C 6 years ago, he had the treatment and it went negative. Recently he has been diagnosed for liver cancer (...
Hi Doctor. Does prograf have an effect/take a toll on the kidneys? Blood tests show that the BUN and creatinine levels are slightly elev...
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