Long Term Mental Health Problems Group

I have had bipolar disorder for 69 years as well as having had to deal with other mental health issues. I have come to realize, as the decades have taken me from my childhood and adolescence into late adulthood(60 to 80 years of age) that, for some people, mental health issues are not sorted out by quick fixes. For some people these issues of the mind and emotions, body and soul, face them their whole lives--and not just for a few decades or a few years, or a few months. This group, then, is for people who are in the mental health fight for the long haul. Others with short term problems needing short term fixes, wanting short term answers to their problems may also benefit from veteran battlers who post in this group. Those who post here should not expect me to respond to their posts. I am enrolled at over 100 mental health sites and do not want to spend all my time writing and responding to people with BPD problems. I have created this Group for those who want to post here. Those who want "answers" need to do more Googling
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