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The main purpose of this group is about sharing ideas and tips on weight loss with each other, as well as sharing anything and everything related to weight loss, healthy-eating and exercise; realising and achieving your dreams The other point is to try and determine what works for each one of us, and it has to be easily manageable for an entire lifetime without pressure or strain. The group is also about inspiring and motivating ourselves to push boundaries, not in weight loss only, but also in life. If you wait until you're thin before you can live your life to the fullest, then you may never get the chance to live. Start living now! Forget the stress, the self-hatred and the lack of confidence; live and appreciate being alive. Take a bite at one of your "unrealistic" dreams, and maybe just the taste itself will inspire to chase after it. Get out of your "comfort zone cage" and take a moment to live completely. Learn about yourself, understand your body, know how food makes you feel and use what feels good. Don't allow the fabric of life burn you into complete shyness... you're not made of "flammable" paper, you're made of much sterner stuff!!! And while you're at it, break out of the cage that your weight has locked you in... Claim your freedom with a team of people who understand exactly what it is you're going through
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I am new to this and am very overweight I was wondering if this is still an open group?
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I am 55 and need to lose a lot of weight. I can use all the help I can get! I have some ideas, but I'll be glad of all the support that...
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I am having difficulty losing weight and even gain, even though my daily caloric intake is consistently 400+ calories below the researche...
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This group is really useful for those people having a problem of Weight loss. Have you reach your goal of losing your weight? well, try t...
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